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The internet is becoming more and more important for businesses and homes. Whether you’re running a small business or just want to stream movies at home, faster speeds are necessary. Luckily, fiber optic cables and CAT6 wiring can provide your connection with ultra high speeds. If you’re interested with installing high-speed internet connections, turn in to Van-Q Network Installations LLC for professional assistance. We provide professional internet wiring services here in Athens, GA area and guarantee your home or business will achieve high-speed internet connections!

Why You Need CAT6 Wiring Internet Connections?

You may be wondering why you need to use CAT6 wiring for your internet connections. If you have a network that needs to support 1 Gbps of data, then the answer is simple: CAT6 can handle that! But what if you want even higher speeds? Maybe your business needs 10 Gbps or more. In this case, fiber optic cable will be more appropriate than copper wiring because it’s faster and more reliable. If your home or business has switched from copper wiring, then it’s likely that they would benefit from upgrading their existing cabling infrastructure by adding another type of cabling such as CAT6 Ethernet cables instead!

Get Supported With High-Speed Internet Connections!

The basic premise behind CAT6 wiring is that it can carry up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) over long distances without losing signal quality or data integrity due to interference from other electrical sources If you’re looking to upgrade your internet connection, it’s important to remember that CAT6 can support 1 Gbps of data. This means if you want to go higher, you can use fiber or Ethernet cables. We offer fiber optic cables in many different colors as well as CAT6 wiring that supports 1 Gbps of data transfer and up to 10 Gbps with an Ethernet cable!

Need high-speed internet connections here in Athens, GA area, you may contact Van-Q Network Installations LLC for professional internet wiring services. Call us at (706) 919-5589 today!

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